August 2022 Monthly Wrap Up

Welcome to the August 2022 edition of our Monthly Wrap Up. Our Monthly Wrap Up Webinar was held on Thursday 8th September at 11 am AEST, going through our new updates in our different products.

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Dismiss ‘Missing Approval’ in CCS Enrolments

You can now dismiss the “Missing Approval” warning on the Government Enrolments page. This is possible if your service has a record of a Complying Written Agreement (CWA) signed by a parent outside of Xplor and the child has an existing CCS enrolment notice.

The CWA will still be available for the parent to sign on the Home App or web platform. You can also turn the warning back on if you later decide you prefer to have a CWA signed via Xplor.

This feature makes the Government Enrolments page simpler to view, so you can focus on the warnings that require your attention.

This update still requires a CWA to be signed for a child needing a brand-new CCS enrolment notice.

Resend Welcome Email to Educators

You can now resend the Welcome email to your Educators, enabling them to create their Xplor accounts for Playground and the Hub.

For security and safety reasons, the link sent out in the Welcome email expires after 7 days. Following expiry, you can simply select the staff member whose link’s expired, and resend the Welcome email to them.



Staff and Visitors included in the Emergency List

The Emergency List in the Playground app now has two additional lists for staff members and visitors at your service. When activating an emergency list in the Playground App, you can mark staff members or any signed-in visitors at your service as safe. This is important for safety in the event of an emergency, as staff and visitors are now accounted for in addition to the children.

Moments - Additional Filter

We have added an additional “All Children” filter in the Moments section of the Playground app. This will allow you to view Moments created by parents and guardians via the Home app for all children in that room.

The ability to see all children’s Moments will help ensure that no Moments are missed by educators, even outside of a child’s booking day.