Release Notes: 11th August 2022

We have an exciting update to share with our services.

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This feature will be live on the 26th of August.

Ability to dismiss ‘Missing Approval’ warning in CCS enrolments

You can now dismiss the “Missing Approval” warning on the Government Enrolments page. This is possible if your service has a record of a Complying Written Agreement (CWA) signed by a parent outside of Xplor and the child has an existing CCS enrolment notice.

The CWA will still be available for the parent to sign on the Home App or web platform. You can also turn the warning back on if you later decide you prefer to have a CWA signed via Xplor.

This feature makes the Government Enrolments page simpler to view, so you can focus on the warnings that require your attention.

This release is part of a project of simplifications we’re introducing for the entire CWA process for both Office users and parents.

Note: This update still requires a CWA to be signed for a child needing a brand-new CCS enrolment notice.