Recurring Bookings

Recurring Bookings are a sequence of bookings for a child or multiple children that are automatically populated in Master Roll. 

Creating a Recurring Booking

  1. Log in to Office and navigate to Master Roll

  2. To create a booking pattern for a single child, either click the + icon or the checkbox next to the child’s name and then Add+. You can select multiple children at one time

  3. When creating a booking, the default will be a single booking. Click on the Recurring Booking tab to start creating a pattern

  4. You can click the + icon to add additional children to your recurring bookings

  5. You will then need to select a frequency (Weekly or Fortnightly), choose the days of the week you want to create bookings for, and the start and end dates for the recurring bookings. 

  6. Select which room and fee you would like to use in your pattern, then click Create.

Update a Recurring Booking

  1. From Master Roll, click any booking that is part of a recurring booking. You can identify these bookings by the circular arrow icon next to the booking time

  2. You will be taken by default to the edit single booking page, so click Recurring Booking to edit the booking pattern. Please note: if you edit the booking on the single booking page (eg  changing the room or fee), this action will disconnect the booking from the pattern

  3. On the edit recurring booking screen, you can make the following changes:

    • Update the start date of your pattern. Please note: you cannot set a start date earlier than the current day

    • Update the end date

    • Change the room

    • Change the fee

    • Change the frequency and sequence of days

  4. When you've made the required changes, click Update. You will be shown a pop-up asking you to proceed with updating your pattern. Click Confirm to finish updating your booking pattern


Delete a Recurring Booking

  1. To delete a booking pattern, follow steps 1 and 2 from the Edit a Recurring Booking section of this article

  2. To delete, click the Delete button

  3. You will then need enter a reason you are deleting the pattern.


Please note: you are still able to edit multiple bookings and delete multiple bookings by selecting children using the checkboxes and then clicking Edit or Delete, located at the top of Master Roll.


Booking Conflicts

  1. When you create or update a booking pattern, Office will search for any bookings already in Master Roll that clash with your pattern

  2. You can choose to overwrite any conflicting bookings by clicking the checkbox next to the booking and then selecting Confirm.

Audit Log

When you create or update a booking pattern, or many booking patterns at once, Office will process these requests in the background. To see the status of the booking pattern you have created or updated, you can use the Audit Log.