Release Notes: 21st May 2021

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Please Note: The new functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services, educators and parents one week from now, on the 28th of May. Any minor bug fixes that have already been implemented will be listed at the bottom of this document.

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Communications Centre Updates

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. There’s been a variety of feedback from services since the release of Comms Centre. In response to this feedback, over the past two weeks we’ve been working hard to bring changes to increase the usability of this feature.

Filter By Child and Room

You can now filter your recipients by child. Searching for children in this view will allow you to select which specific parent for that child you wish to send communications to.

Within this child view, you’re able to filter down by room. This makes sending communications out for a specific room quick and easy.

Delete Messages

You can now completely delete messages that you had previously put into Archive.

Other Changes

  • We’ve updated the helper text on Comms Centre to remind users that emails will not be sent to parents who do not have a contact email in their profile. These parents will still receive the post in Home.

  • We’ve changed the way links are displayed to allow users to click them in the Home App and Home Web.

Support content for this feature can be found here.

Hub Messages

As a further enhancement to the Comms Centre experience, you will now be able to send a message to the parents in your centre for them to read when they sign their child in and out. The message will be visible to parents via the Home App when they scan the QR code, or on the Hub itself when parents sign in directly. Click here to launch the guide to learn how Hub Messages in Comms Centre works. (Note: you must be signed in to Office before clicking the link.)


Other Fixes and Changes

  • Home App: We’re fixed a bug where some iOS devices were not able to open attachments sent via Comms Centre.