Managing Comms Centre Preferences

This article explains how to manage your preferences relating to comments and SMS in Comms Centre.

In Office, select Comms Centre on the left-side menu, then select Preferences.


Managing Comments Preferences

  • Show Recent Comments
    Toggling this on will enable the most recent comment to be visible when viewing all posts in the Comms Centre.

  • Disable Comments
    Toggling this on will disable comments from administrators and parents for all posts.

Managing SMS Preferences

  • SMS Booster
    Toggling this on will enable all types of messages to be sent to families. See below to see the types of text messages that can be sent. Please note that only provider admins can toggle SMS Booster on or off for your service.

  • Centre Number
    If included as an add-on in your package, you can choose to have SMS sent from one specific number instead of a different number each time a message is sent.

  • Monthly Limit
    Set the maximum number of text messages sent per month.

  • Sent and Received
    This is where you can view all SMS which has been sent and received to parent/guardians.

Types of SMS

  • Bad Debtors
    Bad debtor SMS are manually sent by you, by clicking the SMS icon from the “Top Debtors & Creditors” Dashboard widget.

    This will notify the parent that they have overdue money owing to the service.

    Example SMS Text:

    "[Centre Name] has noticed your account statement needs attention. Please login to Home for more info."

  • Statement Notification
    This will automatically send an SMS to parents about their statement when Bulk Email Statement tool is used in Parent Accounts.

  • Allow Booking Requests
    Booking request confirmations will automatically be sent when you action a booking notification on from the Dashboard. 

    Example SMS Text:
    "[First Name], your booking request for [Child First Name] was just updated. Please login to Home for more info."