Viewing and Resolving CCS Submission Errors

Office surfaces errors, for both the current week of submissions and historical weeks, when viewing a child’s week of sessions on the CCS submissions page. This article explains how to access that information and what it means.

Viewing CCS Submissions Errors

To view the CCS submissions page and any errors for the selected week:

  1. Log in to Office, click Child Care Subsidy and then CCS Submissions

  2. Session data for the current week’s worth of submissions will be displayed, along with the list of active children from your centre. To select another week, use the date selector.

  3. To filter on any weeks not submitted, or any submittable weeks with errors, use the Filter dropdown menu.

  4. To view a particular child’s week of sessions, click on the child’s name from the list on the left

  5. When viewing a child’s sessions on the CCS submissions page, you will be able to see:

    • The status of the submission (RECEIVED, PROCESSED, WITHDRAWN, NOT SUBMITTED or HAS CHANGES). If you hover over the status, it will tell you what it means

    • The child’s CCS enrolment ID for that submittable week

    • When it was first and last submitted
    • A list of any errors identified by Office or the government for that submittable week

    • The Actions drop-down menu (please see below for more information)

    • The show raw government record, which is the data provided to the government.


Run and Force Submission

If you wish to run or force a submission, you can do so by clicking the + Actions drop-down as shown below:


If you are submitting within 14 days after the end of the week when care was provided, click Run Submission.

Submissions can be updated until 28 days after the start of the week to which the submission relates (or until the end of the financial year, whichever occurs sooner).

Force Submissions will attempt to submit for the selected week against a ceased enrolment.

Submissions will only run if the enrolment was active for this week prior to becoming ceased.

Export and Troubleshoot Errors
By clicking the icon shown below, you will be able given the option to download the CCS Submission Errors Report for the chosen week.


Export Error Report

You are able to download a list of all errors for the submittable week in a CSV format.
Once exported, the Error Report will provide an array of details to identify the cause of the CCS Submission Error.
[Example Error Report]

Error Types

Office will flag certain errors for that week of submissions when viewing a child’s sessions for a particular week. These errors are surfaced for both the current week’s worth of submissions and historical submissions.

Error Message   Troubleshooting
A session for the current week is missing a start/end time   Review the booking on the Master Roll and enter a valid and correct sign-in/out time. 
Child has been signed in/out for the same time or the times are overlapping   Children and students with multiple bookings on the same day run the risk of having overlapping sign-in/out times. Review the affected booking on the Master Roll and enter a valid and correct sign-in/out time.
Child has attendances outside their CCS enrolment start and/or end date (for current submittable 2 week period)   The Master Roll has bookings prior to, or after, the child's CCS Enrolment dates; found in the Government Enrolment Tab > + View Occurences
You can backdate with this support guide.
Note: This error will also appear if the child does not have any CCS Enrolment. 


After submission, if the government found any errors in the selected CCS submittable week, Office will attempt to display those on the CCS submissions page.

Note: Office does not receive government errors prior to a week being submitted. Errors will not be identified until after a submission has gone through.