How to Create a Post

This article explains how to create a new Comms Centre post.

  1. From the Communications homepage, click the New button and select Post Screen_Shot_2021-04-30_at_10.17.32_am.png

  2. Welcome to the new post page! From here, you can do the following:

    • Give your post a title

    • Add content to your message, including images

    • Add a cover photo (which will show at the top of the message in Home App and Web for parents to see)

    • Disable and enable comments

    • Add attachments

    • Send your post as an email.

  3. You need to add contacts to your post before you send. To do so, click the Add Contacts button underneath your post title.

  4. You can then search for contacts to add to your post or filter by carer type and tags.



  5. Once you have selected which parents and guardians you want to add to a post, click Add Selected

  6. Once you have added your content, contacts and added any optional attachments and a cover photo, you will be ready to hit the Publish button.

Uploading a cover photo

When you upload a cover photo to a post, it will appear at the top of your post in the Home App and Home Web.

  1. On the create post page, click on the Upload button under Cover Photo on the right-hand side of the page

  2. Select an image from your computer that you would like to upload. Please note: the file cannot be larger than 10 megabytes and must have the file type of PNG, JPEG or JPG only.

  3. Once the cover photo has been added, you will see a confirmation message.

Enabling and disabling comments

To turn comments on and off for your post, you can use the toggle found on the right side of the page next to your message content:


If comments are public, any parent added as a contact to your post can comment on it. Other parents will be able to see any comments on the post. If comments are disabled, comments cannot be added to your post.

Adding attachments

You can add up to 10 attachments to any Comms Centre post, which will then be visible to the parent in Home. You can add attachments by clicking Attach to the right of the create post screen:


Send post as an email

If you wish to send your post as an email to parents in addition to sending it to them in Home, click the Send Email button found under OPTIONS. Please note: If a parent responds to an email, the response will not be visible in Comms Centre.