How to Create an SMS

This article explains how to create an SMS via the Comms Centre.

Please note: the SMS Booster widget has now been relocated from the Dashboard to the Comms Centre. SMS Booster will need to be enabled in order to send an SMS through Comms Centre.

  1. In Office, click Comms Centre in the sidebar

  2. Select New then select SMS


  3. Add a title and write your message in the dotted rectangle
    Note: One text message is 160 characters. Keep track of the characters in the bottom right hand corner. If the message exceeds 160 characters, a new dotted rectangle will be created for you to continue the text message.

  4. Select Add Contacts to add parent/guardians you would like to send the SMS to
    Note: the text message will be sent to the number in the “Mobile Number” field in the parent/guardian profile.



  5. If the text message is not yet finalised select Save Draft

  6. Once completed, select Send. You will find the total number of messages and the total costs on the right side.