Release Notes: 1st April 2021

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. Remember to stay subscribed to these emails to ensure you receive helpful updates on new features.

Please Note: The new functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services, educators and parents one week from now, on the 9th of April. Any minor bug fixes that have already been implemented will be listed at the bottom of this document.

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Admins can create and manage a family in Office, viewing linked Guardians, Children, Hub Guests and Emergency Contacts in one place. To get you started, we've created families from existing parents and children at your service. You can access families in Office by clicking Profiles, then Families.

Please refer to this support article for more information.

Learning Analysis and Cohort Tracking

We are excited to announce a new addition to Playground Web called Learning Analysis. Services using Playground to record learning now have a new place to visualise and compare learning outcomes for children.


Learning Analysis allows services to visualise data across rooms, children and custom groups. Children or groups for whom recorded evidence is lacking in certain areas are also highlighted.

For UK services, any UK-specific learning framework can also be reported on for the purpose of cohort tracking. Child, group and room progress over time can be visualised and reports can be generated to provide to OFSTED.


Folders in Playground Web

We have added functionality in Playground Web for educators and administrators to create folders to collate information. Folders are shared across a service to make collaboration simple.


Folders exist at a document-type level, so you can have folders for Observations, for Documentation, for Canvas and for Tables. To avoid confusion, an item can only sit in one folder at a time. Press the menu dots to move an item into or out of a folder.

Other Fixes and Changes

  • Office: We've fixed an issue where the Parent Billing Schedule Report included parents who have not yet provided bank details.

  • Office: We've updated BPAY branding on services using BPAY with their payment integration.