Creating and Managing Hub Messages

Hub Messages are short text-only messages that can be sent to parents in your centre to be read from the Hub when they sign their child in and out. This article explains how to create and manage those messages.

Please note: Only one unread message can be sent, and be visible, to a parent at a time.



How to create a new Hub Message

  1. Log in to Office and click on Comms Centre in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen

  2. Click the New button and then select Hub Message

  3. Type in your message. Please note: the message is limited to 120 characters in length and is text-only.

  4. Click Add Contacts to select which parents you'd like to send the message to.

  5. Set an expiry date by clicking the Expiry field. This determines how long the message will appear on the Hub for a parent to read. When the message expires, it will no longer be visible to the parent.

  6. Once you have drafted your message and you’ve added some contacts, you can click Preview to see what the message will look like.

  7. You can click Save Draft to leave this page and come back and publish it later. Otherwise, click Publish to send your message! The next time one of the contacts from your message signs their child in and out, they will see the message you have sent.

How parents view the Hub message you sent

- If parents use the sign in button on the tablet and log in using their Xplor ID details, they will see the message on the Hub itself.
- If parents scan the QR code on the Home App, the message will appear on their phone for them to read. The content of the message will be the same regardless.

Messages marked as read

- When you send a message to a parent, they will see the message next time they sign their child in or out
- When the parent opens the message, they will need to hit the I’ve read this button before they can proceed to signing in or out.
- The parent will not see the same message again next time they go through the sign-in/out process.

You can see a list of the contacts you have sent your message to by clicking on % seen button, located underneath your Hub message title:


Overwriting messages sent to parents

Only one Hub message can be sent to a contact and remain unread at a time. If you attempt to send a second message to the same contact and the first message still hasn’t been read, a screen will display that allows you to overwrite the original message.

Please note: if you do not select to overwrite the contact when sending a message, they will be removed from the message before you publish it. 

If a message is read by the contact, you will then be able to send a second message without the need to overwrite the first message.