How to edit and remove families

This article explains how to manage your families in Office, including editing and deleting families. Not sure how to create and view families? Please refer to this article.

  1. In Office, click on Profiles and then Families in the sidebar.

  2. From the Families page, either scroll through the list or use to search bar to find the family you want to edit. Please note: you can only edit one family at a time.

  3. Once you have clicked on the family, you will be taken to the View Family screen. To edit the family, click Edit.

  4. You will then see the Edit Family screen. From here, you can:

    • Change the family name

    • Remove Parents and Guardians

    • Add new Parents and Guardians

    • Remove Family

Changing family name

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a Family Name field. Here you can change the family name.

  2. Once you have updated the name, you will need to click Save for the name change to be recorded.

Removing Parents and Guardians

  1. To remove a parent or guardian from your family, click the red “X” icon above the name of the parent or guardian you would like to remove.

  2. If that parent or guardian has a child linked to their profile, you will be prompted that removing the parent or guardian from the family will also removed linked children. Click Delete to confirm.


Adding new Parents and Guardians

  1. Under Parents and Guardians, click the + icon to add a parent or guardian to the family.

  2. A list of all parents and guardians in your centre will appear. You can search for a specific person using the search bar at the top of the screen or filter on Primary Carer or Not Primary Carer. Once you have selected the parent or guardian to add, click the Add button.

  3. Once you have added the parent or guardian to your family, you will be directed back to the Edit Family screen. From here, you can add or remove further family members. Alternatively, click Save to save your changes. Please Note: any children, Hub Guests and Emergency Contacts linked with that primary carer will be added to the family.


Removing Families

  1. When on the View Family or Edit Family screen, you are able to remove the family by clicking the Remove Family button. Screen_Shot_2021-03-29_at_2.34.03_pm.png

  2. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm deletion. Click Confirm to proceed. Please note: if the family you are attempting to delete has members across other services in your provider that you don’t have access to, you will not be able to delete the family. Screen_Shot_2021-03-29_at_2.34.10_pm.png