Release Notes: 22nd January 2021

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Please Note: The new functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services one week from now, on the 29th of January. Any minor bug fixes that have already been implemented will be listed at the bottom of this document.

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Playground and Home Web - Remove content

Administrators and educators using Playground Web can now delete media items in the add content screens for Playground Web.

Hovering over a media item will reveal the X icon. Clicking on the X will warn the user that this will remove this media item prior to continuing.

Educators and administrators can also delete any reflections that they have authored themselves by hovering over the reflection, then pressing the X.
Parents, educators and administrators will also be able to remove comments from Observations, Documents, Tables and Plans if they have authored them themselves.

Playground Web - Tagging Children

We have updated the way that children are listed when tagging them on a piece of learning in Playground Web. Now, only children who are currently active in Xplor will be displayed. Previously, all children, regardless of enrolment dates, would appear in this list.

By updating this list, the number of children will be reduced only to those children who are relevant. If you find you are missing a child who should appear, please check their enrolment start and end dates on the child profile in Office.

Other Fixes - Released This Week

Home 1.4.1:

  • Fixed a bug on iOS causing Pay Now transactions to be inaccessible for some families, even if their account was owing.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS preventing some families from seeing multiple Observations per day.
  • Various performance enhancements.