App Settings in Office

This article explains how to access and change app settings for a service in Office. App Settings allow Office users the ability to manage specific settings for an Xplor service across Office, Playground and Home.

How to find App Settings in Office

  1. Log in to Office and click Settings in the sidebar

  2. Click Service Settings

  3. Choose the service that you want to change app settings for

  4. Click the tab App Settings


How to change App Settings for a service

From the app settings page, the settings you can change will be dictated by your role and permissions in Office. To change a setting, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the toggle icon next to the setting that you would like to change. Each setting will have a brief description (and a link to a help article where more information is available).

  2. When you change a setting, you will need to click the Save button. Please note: changes to your settings will NOT save unless you click the button.

  3. That’s it! Any changes to app settings will be live as soon as the save button is clicked.