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This article is a list of our most common support queries and has been created to act as a resource guide for Administrators and Parents to reference.

For Parents - Home App + Web

Xplor ID

Account Upgrade

Our most recent feature release will allow you to enrol at multiple centres using one email address. You'll need to update your account information, if you're an existing Xplor ID user, to take full advantage of this feature release.

To get on board, look for the below email in your inbox and follow the prompts.



You can find out more about this process here:

Used Xplor Before? Email Already Exists

Sometimes, when entering an email address in for a parent account, you might be prompted with this error: “Email Already Exists”. Because each account (Parent, Educator, Xplorer) has a unique email address, you cannot reuse an email address if it already exists in the system.

If the parent is currently enrolled at another centre and plans to continue using that centre for care, they will need to provide you with an alternative email address to use. They can opt to merge the two emails into an Xplor ID at a later date.

If the parent is no longer using their previous centre, they can contact Xplor Support directly via email or phone to discuss removing their data from the previous centre’s database, providing there are no outstanding balances on their account.

Adding/Updating Bank Details

Only primary carers on an account can add and update bank details. Please ask your childcare service if they have direct debit available before trying to add your bank details, as not all services use this feature. You can follow the steps here to add/update your banking details in the Home App or on Home Web:

Financial - Statements

The Transactions section of the parent statement shows a detailed view of all charges and credits that have occurred on the parent statement. This will always show the most live and up to date version of the statement and therefore should be used to discover, explain or understand any account balances.

The following page runs through common line items seen on a parent statement and explain their components:

The parent account statement is explained and annotated here to clarify what each section contains:

CWA Approvals

Signing the CWA is the first step to complete your child's CCS enrolment. The date the CWA is agreed to will be the start date of the CCS enrolment. If this is the wrong start date, let your centre admins know and they can help revise it.

Once the CWA is signed, the enrolment will need to be confirmed through MyGov as well.

The following pages run through both these process with screenshots attached:

For Administrators - Government Enrolments

CCS Enrolments

CCS - Creating a new CWA

A Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) is an agreement to provide care in return for fees. All child enrolments at your service must have an agreed CWA for the family to be eligible for CCS.

Creating the CWA is the first step to create a child's CCS enrolment. You can follow the steps detailed in the following support article in order to create a new CWA CCS enrolment:

CCS - Troubleshooting Enrolment Error Messages

There are a range of red error messages that you may see in the government enrolments section of Child Care Subsidy, which can result in subsidy not applying on accounts correctly.

Please see the article below for a summary of what each error message means and what to do if you come across these error messages:

CCS - Backdating Enrolment Start Date

The CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent agreed to the CWA. CCS will not be applied for sessions which have been submitted prior to the signing of the CWA.

Legally, the start date for an enrolment may only be backdated to the date that a parent's written approval was signed. Understandably, there are circumstances where this may be delayed. Make sure that this reason is submitted when following the steps below to backdate an enrolment:

Primary Carer Change

Primary Carer changes are made when a family wishes to change the Carer on an account for a child, or for cases of CCS eligibility where the child should be under a different primary carer.

Primary carer changes are quite involved and should be avoided unless necessary. We advise that, if this is your first primary carer change, you should follow the steps outline in the support article in order and contact the Xplor Support team for assistance if you get stuck at any stage:



CCS (child wellbeing) is available for individuals (parents, guardians, foster parents) who are eligible for CCS.

Additional Childcare Subsidy (ACCS) is a top-up payment in addition to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and, except for the ACCS (transition to work), it will cover all of a child’s child care fees in most cases.

You are able to submit an ACCS Child Wellbeing Certificate or Determination by navigating to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments and selecting a child.

You can follow the steps in this support article to create a new certificate or determination:

Master Roll

Adding/Altering Bookings

The Master Roll is a convenient place to access important information about a child's account that you’re likely to use every day including Fees, CCS, Health and contact information.

The Master Roll shows you all the children in a service and their respective bookings for a week. It also displays the total fees based on the number of bookings and the fee type associated with the session.

The following support article runs through adding and editing bookings through the Master Roll. This can be done in bulk or for single bookings.