Troubleshooting: Login Issues

Hub Guest Login

This error message shows if you are currently added as a Hub Guest under the email you've provided. Hub Guests are authorised to pick the child up at the centre using the centre's tablet, but currently Hub Guests do not get access to the Xplor Home app. 
This is because the Xplor Home app is only for parents or guardians of children at an Xplor-enabled childcare centre. If you are indeed a parent/guardian but were mistakenly added as a Hub Guest, please contact your centre and asked to be added as a parent/guardian in the child profile. 
This will trigger an email invite to create your account, which you can then use to login to Xplor Home. The centre will need to remove your Hub Guest account before adding you as a parent/guardian if you want to use the same email.

Account Merged Warning

This error message is shown when you are attempting to log into an account that has been merged into an Xplor ID account. Xplor ID is an account management tool that allows you to merge multiple parent profiles into one login. To remedy this issue, you'll need to use the email and password you set for your Xplor ID during the merging process. If you cannot remember your Xplor ID password, you can reset it from this link, or through the app. If you are still having issues, you can open a chat with us by clicking the chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.