Release Notes: 26th February 2021

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Please Note: The new functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services one week from now, on the 5th of March.

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Playground 2.9.0

  • Bulk Attendance: In response to overwhelming OSHC feedback that educators needed a faster and more accurate way to sign groups of children in, we've released Bulk Attendances. Check out the how-to article here.
  • "Nappy Cream Applied" Health Event: In response to Canny requests, we added a new event that allows educators to notify fellow staff and parents when they've applied Nappy Cream to a child. Note: this event will become available to educators and parents when the new Home app release goes out on 12 March. 
  • Emotive Health Event Icon Replaced: We've removed a sad-face emoji icon that previously accompanied "Toileting Attempt" and moved back to non-emotive and more colourful health event icons. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue causing dashboard icons to get cutoff on tablet screen sizes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused child counts to display incorrectly for some users.

Banking Summary Feature Enhancements

In this update, Office admins can delete a banking summary that they have previously created. Once deleted, the record will return all of the banked items to the Unbanked category.

This update also provides Admins with a date range picker when viewing all unbanked transactions. This is currently locked to 60 days.


Parent Billing Schedule Report

Admins are now able to generate a report that displays all parent billing schedules. Office users can choose to generate the report to show only active payment schedules, or a full history including previous, now inactive, billing schedules.

This report includes start date, payment frequency, day of payment and any fixed amount or transaction limit that is applied to a schedule.

To generate the report, navigate to Reports > Service Reports > Parent Billing Schedule.