Banking Summary Report

The Banking Summary Report can be used by services to manually reconcile payments which come from a variety of sources. This feature allows an Administrator to collate a series of payments together for the purposes of record keeping and reconciling against actual banked intake.

How to create a Banking Summary Report

1. Navigate to Financial > Banking Summary

2. Choose whether to filter the results shown by date, parent name, payment method, amount and whether the transaction was a payment against an account or a refund. If you do not choose to filter, all unbanked transactions from the last 30 days will be shown.


3. Select transactions that you wish to add to the banking summary and press “Add banking summary”


4. You will be presented with a summary of the information that you'll add to the banking summary. Add a variation amount, and any notes regarding variations, if required.



5. Click “create banking summary.” The Banking Summary will be created and any ‘banked’ transactions will no longer appear in the list on the ‘unbanked’ screen.

6. Your banking summary will now appear in the “Banked” tab. You can download the record as a CSV from this tab.