Release Notes: 5th February 2021

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. Remember to stay subscribed to these emails to ensure you receive helpful updates on new features.

Please note: The functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services one week from now, on the 12th of February. Any minor bug fixes that have already been implemented will be listed at the bottom of this document.

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CCS Personnel

Xplor services will be now able to manage CCS personnel within Office. Find instructions on how each of the functions work on our support page.


Custom Enrolment Form Update

In line with government and service feedback, the custom enrolment form will now also allow parents to add the residential address of emergency contacts.


DS Pay Now instructions on Parent Statement

For services using Debit Success who have enabled Pay Now, parents will now see instructions on their statement about how to use the Home App to instantly pay a contribution to their balance.


Hiding email addresses for parents migrating from QikKids

Services moving from QikKids to Office may have a number of parents who do not have an email address in the system. These parents will be marked as “QK migrated user” once the service migration is complete. No action is required if the parent does not wish to provide an email address.

Due to the constraints around migrated users, if you wish to add an email address for these parents, you will need to contact support.


Reflections can now be used in Canvases

Educators and administrators are now able to add reflections on Canvases, making Reflections consistent across all documentation types.


Other Fixes - Released This Week

  • Observations won't show the bookmark button in Home

  • Media selector in Playground Web now queries by type, so different tabs should populate correctly.