2020 OSHC Customer Workshop Summary

In the months of November and December 2020, we carried out a series of workshops with OSHC centres to better understand the problems you face, and how we can build our platform to be more fit for purpose.

We want to thank you all for contributing to the workshop and providing your feedback - OSHC is a vital part of Xplor’s business, so ensuring that we are building relevant features is very important.

We wanted to reach out and let you know that the feedback we have received has been shared with the broader organisation, and many of the key findings have been fast-tracked into our roadmap for delivery in Q1.

Here’s a list of items from your feedback that we’ve fast-tracked for deployment.


  1. The ability for parents to communicate with educators and centres more easily

  2. Parents can nominate the specific session for absence requests, rather than the entire day

  3. Educator Portfolios

  4. Debitsuccess Pay Now


  1. Bulk sign-ins/out on Playground App:
    This has been the key item we heard about from you. As a result, we have worked hard to design a solution that really works - after several rounds of User Testing with OSHC customers, we have a feature that allows educators to seamlessly sign in multiple children at a time, while addressing some of the other key issues around sign-ins (such as editable sign in times). This is currently in development ,and should be released in the coming months.

  2. Multiple sign-in/sign out events against a single booking (reflected in Office, Home app, and Playground app):
    In line with Bulk Sign-ins, we are also reworking the visibility of a child that has multiple had multiple sign-ins against a single session.

  3. Children with court orders being more visible in Playground:
    We will be building out the functionality to display whether a child has an active court order, similar to the way allergies are displayed.

  4. Bus Lists
    We are building the ability to view bus lists in a similar manner to Headcount in Playground App

  5. New health event types

  6. Enhanced Allergy types

  7. Increased in-app support
    Walkthroughs, digital onboarding, and tips in screens.

  8. Allergy Charts
    Being able to quickly and easily view all allergy information for a room or centre

  9. Educator Portfolios


  1. Reporting enhancements

  2. Sort children by Grade/Year Level rather than Age
    The option to sort a centre’s children by the grade or year level they are in, rather than the age group.

  3. Children with court orders being visible in Master Roll

  4. Court order identification in Master Roll
    We will be building out the functionality to display whether a child has an active court order, similar to the way allergies are displayed.

  5. Parents can use existing emails for new centres
    This will solve the problem of existing Xplor parents requiring a new email address to enrol to a new centre.

  6. The option to Block Sign-ins without a Booking

  7. Booking Patterns/Recurring Bookings

  8. Automating Primary Carer Changes

  9. Further customisations to enrolment forms

  10. CCS Error Reporting

  11. EDDR payment information on enrolment forms