This funding scheme has been depreciated by the Queensland Government and can be used to view historical data only.

QKFS has been replaced by the Kinder For All Program.

The Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) is designed to assist services with the cost of implementing and delivering an approved kindergarten program.


To qualify for QKFS funding, a service must be an approved kindergarten program provider.

  • QKFS can only be claimed once per child regardless of how many of the criteria they meet.
  • Children can only receive funding through a single program at one time.
  • To assess your services eligibility, lodge an application or for further information please visit the Business Queensland website HERE

The Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) is designed to assist services with the cost of implementing and delivering an approved kindergarten learning program. To qualify for QKFS funding, a service must be an Approved Kindergarten Program Provider (KPP) .

Long Day Care Services and Kindergarten Services can apply for funding under the QKFS to assist with the cost of delivering an approved kindergarten learning program.

Read the QKFS Funding Category Guidelines (PDF, 937KB) before lodging your application.

There are various subsidy payments available under the QKFS, including:

  • standard per child subsidy
  • rural and remote, and low socio-economic subsidies
  • QKFS Plus kindy support subsidy.

The policy intent of providing the QKFS is to improve lifelong learning outcomes and transitions to school for Queensland children, under the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education.

The QKFS is underpinned by the:

The QKFS also has linkages with the Education and Care Service's National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Services must be recognised as a KPP, following an application process, in order to receive QKFS funding.

An approved, quality kindergarten learning program is:

  • for children in the year before Prep (i.e. children who are four by 30 June in the year they start)
  • delivered for 15 hours a week for 40 weeks, or 600 hours a year
  • delivered to support the development of children’s physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional capabilities
  • based on the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline, or any alternative kindergarten learning guideline accredited by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)
  • delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher.
Room Set Up

When setting up your QKFS program, children must be linked to a Pre-School or Kindy Room Type to be eligible for funding.

Creating a new room

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click on Room Settings 
  3. Select Add New to the top right of the screen
  4. Fill in Details
Details Description
Room Name
  • This name will appear on the Master Roll in bookings and on the child's profile.
Room Type
  • Select the most relevant room type.
  • Note: Children who are in Pre-school/Kindy room types will be submitted to the government as QKFS eligible children. This is how the funding is reported through to the Department of Education.
Start time and end time
  • Determine the window in which bookings can be made in this room.
  • Appears as closed on the playground app outside of this window and bookings with times greater or less than the window will not be able to be added to the room.
  • Note: Room start and end times for Pre-school / Kindy rooms intending to claim QKFS Funding must match the QKFS program hours inputted through the QKFS program setup.
Children Per Educator (per Staff ratio) 
  • Determines your roster requirements and should be a whole number. For example 11 indicates 11 children for every 1 educator.
Age from and to
  • Children can only be enrolled in the room if their age falls within this age group.
  • Dictates the number of children that can be booked into the room. The capacity cannot be exceeded via mobile bookings, however can be overridden by bookings added via the Master Roll.
  • The effective date is the date the capacity change will take effect from. Any bookings made by parents after this date will be limited by this capacity setting.

    You can view the capacity history when you click into the room you have set up. 

5. Click Add

Updating a Room to be QKFS eligible

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Room Settings 
  3. Select the room
  4. Make the required changes to the room details
  5. Click Update

Add a New Program
  1. Log into your Office account as a provider or through an approved administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the menu on the left of your screen. Click Settings.
  3. Click Service Settings. From their click on the QFKS tab. 
  4. On the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Subsidy (QKFS) page, the below information must be provided before being able to add a program. Note: in most cases, this information will have already been entered at the service level. If so, it will be greyed out and this step can be skipped.
    - Accessibility Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) Rating
    - Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) Rating
    - QKFS Centre Type


5. When this information has been populated, you will be able to add a new program by clicking the New button to the bottom left of the QKFS screen.


6. Once you are directed to the New Program page, you will be prompted to enter in the Program Details: Name, Start Date and the number of Weeks.

 You have two options when creating these programs:

  • You could create one 40 week program for the year - please note, with this option you must pause the program over school holiday periods or times throughout the year where funding us not to be claimed. You will then press resume once you are ready to claim the funding again. 
  • You could create term programs, each running for 10 weeks. You will not be required to pause this program as these programs will run from the start date for 10 weeks only, if for any reason you need to stop claiming during this time, you can pause the program as above. You will be required to add the children to each new program on a term by term basis. 

Please note: Start date refers to the date in which the service data will send data to Queensland Government for claim QKFS Funding. Children will only be eligible if they are attached to an eligible program.

7. When creating a new QKFS program for your service, you will be able to select start and end times (what time through out the day will the QKFS program be running) on a daily perspective with the ability to increase on a 15-minute interval basis. We recommend inputting the Fortnightly Schedule even if the session times are the same from week 1 to week 2. 


8. Once you have saved the program, you will then be able to view in the Programs list on the QKFS page. Select on the program and attach the teacher to this program. 


9. Save. Done.

Note: Once saved you will not be able to alter the start date, weeks or scheduled hours on a program.



Pause/Resume a Program
  1. From the QKFS page under Service Settings, click on the program to see the details. From here, you will be able to the edit program details such as the name or start date.

  2. To pause or resume your program, click the Pause button located next to Save.

  3. When you click Pause, you will see a prompt advising that pausing the program will stop QKFS funding. If you want to proceed, click Pause

  4. Once you hit the Pause button, the page with refresh and you will see a confirmation message that the program is paused underneath the program name

  5. To resume your program, you need to click the Resume button located next to Save. You will see a similar prompt to the pause QKFS program action. Click Resume to reactivate your program


Delete a Program
  1. From the same QKFS page under Service Settings, choose the program you want to delete from the Program list

  2. From your program page, you will need to click the Delete button to remove your program entirely

  3. You will see a confirmation prompt before the program is deleted. Click Delete to confirm.



Adding Children to a QKFS program

There are two ways that you can add a child to a program:

  1. Via the QKFS tab in the child profile view; or
  2. Directly when editing a program. Any user with permissions to access the service tab should be able to complete this task.

Adding a child to a program via the Child Profile QKFS tab

  1. Through Xplor Office, navigate to Profiles
  2. Click on Children, and then search for the child you wish to add
  3. Click on the child’s profile so you are taken to the Child Profile view. Then, click the QKFS tab 
  4. When you click on this tab, you will be prompted to enter Child Details. These include the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Persons Status, Multiple Births and Refugee Status. Enter this information, and then hit Save. For discounts to be successfully applied to children with ATSI status, this must also be selected in the child’s profile.
  5. Once the settings have been saved, you will now be prompted to add the child to a program by clicking the Add button per the screenshot below. Note: the program must be created first before the child can be added to a program. 
  6. A pop-up box will then appear. You will need to select the program from the drop-down list. If the Start Date and Weeks have been added to the program already, you will not need to enter this information. Click Add to add the child to the program.
  7. You will then be taken back to the QKFS tab of the child’s profile view, where you will see the program you have added to the child under 



Adding a child via the QKFS program view in Service Settings

  1. Click on Settings > Service Settings and then select the QKFS tab.
  2. Under Programs, click on the program you want to add the child to, and then click Change.
  3. Any children added to QKFS will be displayed here and you can sort and filter if required. Select the children you want to add by clicking the checkbox next to their name and then click Next.
  4. You will then see a confirmation page. Click Back to edit which children are being added, but otherwise, click Save.

Remove a Child from a QKFS program

Removing a child from a program via the child profile QKFS tab

  1. In Office, navigate to Profiles and then Children
  2. Search for the child you wish to remove, then click on their profile
  3. Navigate to the QKFS tab. Under Programs, click on the program you wish to remove the child from.
  4. From the View Program page, click the remove button to remove the child from the program
  5. That’s it! You’ll get a confirmation notification stating the child has been removed and the program will no longer be visible when viewing the child profile QKFS tab



Removing a child from a program via the program view

  1. In Office, navigate to Settings→ Service Settings and then choose the relevant service
  2. From the Edit Service page, click the QKFS tab
  3. Under Programs, choose the program you wish to remove the child from.
  4. Click Change.
  5. Uncheck the checkbox of the child (or children) you want to remove, click Next then Save and you’re done!


QKFS Evidence


QKFS Plus Kindy Support provides additional support to eligible families to help them access low or no-cost kindy. QKFS Plus Kindy Support is claimed by the service on behalf of eligible families.

To be eligible for QKFS Plus Kindy Support a family must meet one of the criteria below:

The family (including foster families), or the child, must present one of the following (calculated per term):

  • A current Australian Government Health Care Card (HCC). The HCC should be sighted each term and a copy kept by the service. The HCC must name the enrolled child, whether it is the child’s own card or a card belonging to their parent/guardian; or
  • Current Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card (automatic HCC entitlements); or 
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or White Card; or 
  • Formal communication, such as a letter, from the relevant agency stating the intent to issue a HCC; or
  • The child identifies as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Persons and the family chooses to identify them as such on their enrolment form (calculated per semester); or
  • The family has three or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year. QKFS Plus Kindy Support is available for each child enrolled in a program (calculated per semester).

How to apply evidence to a child

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Children > Search the child's name > Select their profile.
  2. In the Child's profile, navigate to QKFS.
  3. Under QKFS, complete the fields under child's details ATSI Status, Multiple Births and Refugee Status. Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Persons Status, Multiple Births and Refugee Status must be completed before the Add button under evidence will be enabled.
  4. Under evidence press Add, complete the 4 fields: Name, Type, Number and Expiry, then press Add to the bottom left of the screen. This will populate a new section to the page asking you to upload evidence.
  5. Press on "Select you file" under the evidence field and navigate to your saved document. Once uploaded press Update to the bottom left of the screen.

Note: Evidence cannot be deleted once saved to the child's profile, once saved you can update the date of expiry only. 



Queensland Government Resources for QKFS
QKFS Contacts

Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme

Long day care services

contact the Kindy Funding Team

Email: qkfs.ldc@qed.qld.gov.au

Phone: (07) 3035 2244


Kindergarten services

contact your central governing body as below:

Independent Schools Queensland

Email: ec@isq.qld.edu.au

Phone: (07) 3228 1515

Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC)

Email: cgb@qcec.catholic.edu.au

Phone: (07) 3316 5845

Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services (QLECS)

Email: admin@qlecs.org.au

Phone: (07) 3511 4079

The Crèche and Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K)

Email: cgb@candk.asn.au

Phone: (07) 3552 5333

Lady Gowrie

Email: cgbadmin@ladygowrie.com.au

Phone: (07) 3252 2667


QKFS Census Report
  1.  In Office, head to your Service Settings and click on QKFS
  2. Select the QKFS Program currently running in August
  3. Click on Report
  4. Select August from the date range calendar
  5. Click on Email CSV to have this report emailed through to you
  6. Open the email
  7. Download the report to view in Excel
  8. Done


For more information, head to Queensland Early Childhood Education and Care Services (ECEC) Census.