How to add, pause, resume, delete QKFS programs

How to add a new program

  1. From the Service view of Office, click Settings in the sidebar and then Service Settings
  2. Click on the Service to which you want to add the QKFS program. From the Edit Service view, click on the QFKS tab Screen_Shot_2020-10-28_at_11.10.30_am.png
  3. From the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Subsidy page, the below information must be provided before being able to add a program. Note: in most cases, this information will have already been entered at the service level. If so, it will be greyed out and this step can be skipped.
    - Accessibility Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) Rating
    - Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) Rating
    - QKFS Centre Type
  4. When this information has been populated, you will be able to add a new program by clicking the New button, per the screenshot below:
  5. Once you a directed to the New Program page, you will be prompted to enter in the Program Details: Name, Start Date and the number of Weeks
  6. An optional step is to 'Show Fortnightly Schedule', which will allow you to set certain days, and start and end times based on the week and day. Once you have completed the optional step (if required), you may hit Save
    Important note: The start and end times of the child's attended session should match the QKFS program planning hours.
  7. Once you have saved the program, you will then be able to view your program in the Programs list from the QKFS page

How to pause and resume a program

  1. From the QKFS page under Service Settings, click on the program to see your program details. From here, you will be able to edit Program Details such as the Name or Start Date.

  2. To pause or resume your program, click the Pause button located next to Save.

  3. When you click Pause, you will see a prompt advising that pausing the program will stop QKFS funding. If you want to proceed, click Pause

  4. Once you hit the Pause button, the page with refresh and you will see a confirmation message that the program is paused underneath the program name

  5. To resume your program, you need to click the Resume button located next to Save. You will see a similar prompt to the pause QKFS program action. Click Resume to reactivate your program


How to delete a program

  1. From the same QKFS page under Service Settings, choose the program you want to delete from the Program list

  2. From your program page, you will need to click the Delete button to remove your program entirely

  3. You will see a confirmation prompt before the program before it is deleted. Click Delete to confirm.