Release Notes: 28th October 2020

We have an exciting release to share with our services and families.

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Playground 2.7.0

Parent Health Events

For booked-in children, educators will now be able to see health events created by parents, so they can stay up to date on how well the child slept, what meals the child ate before/after care, toileting information, and more.

Editable Health Event Times

When creating toilet/nappy, sleep, sunscreen, and nutrition events, educators can now set a custom time-of-event to assist in recording accurate event times. Both the Display Time and Logged Time will be shown to parents on the new version of Home app.

Service admins can enable or disable this feature via Office, however it is enabled by default. To learn more about the Office setting, the feature itself, and how the events with edited times show to parents, read this new help article

New Sleep & Toileting Events

Resting, Rest Checks, Soiled Clothes, and Toileting Attempted are new health events we've added to Playground App.

"Offered" Nutrition Events

Educators can now mark whether the nutrition items they are offering to children were refused by the children. This new feature applies to the current nutrition events and also the new photo nutrition events (see below).

Photo Upload Nutrition Events

There's a new, faster and simpler way to create nutrition events by snapping a photo! Simply select "Upload Photo" at the top of the list of nutrition items when creating a nutrition event. 

Bug Fixes

  • Some users reported that incident record creation was failing, this is now fixed



Home 1.2.0

Parent Health Events

Parents can now create health events for their child on the Home app which can be viewed by educators on days the child is booked into care. The following event types are currently available:

  • Toileting: Parents can create records of their child’s toileting and nappy change events in Home App.
  • Nutrition: Food and drinks consumed by a child can be recorded by parents in Home App via nutrition event creation. 
  • Medication: Parents can record and communicate the time medication was last given to their child by creating medication events.
  • Sleep: Parents can track the length and quality of their child's sleep by creating sleep events. 

To create events, parents can navigate to the Health tab in the Home app, select an event type (sleep, nutrition, etc) and tap "+New" in the top right of the screen to start creating! Need more info? Check out the new section in the Xplor Home help centre.

24-Hour Health Timeline

Parents can now view health events on a 24-hour timeline by rotating their phone into landscape mode on the Health screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing media downloads to fail on iOS 14.
  • Fixed a bug causing media downloads to fail on Android 11.
  • Some users reported that they were no longer receiving notifications, this is now fixed.