Account Summary

Please note that only primary carers will see transactions in the Account Summary screen and only parents at DebitSucess-enabled centres will have access to the Pending and Scheduled payments tabs as well as Pay Now functionality.

The account summary is a "live statement" of your account's transactions with respect to the current billing period. The following page will cover the different parts of the screen and the meaning of the transactions you may see pop into the list. Note: if you'd like to download a detailed statement PDF of your account, you can do so at any time from the Finance screen by tapping the "Download Statement" menu row.


Account Summary Screen


Click a number on the tabs below to find out more about the corresponding section of the Account Summary screen pictured above.

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Tapping this circle in the top right of your screen opens the "Centre Switcher" and allows you to switch between the centres attached to your account, if there is more than one.


Transaction Types


These transactions (which may include fees, balance adjustments, and fee refunds) are marked in orange and add to your amount due. 


 Daily Fee: Fees for your child's bookings that receipted to each day your child has a booking.


 Balance Adjustment: An increase to your amount due that was generated by your centre. May include a comment.


 Manual Refund: A refund of a payment you've made towards your fees. May include a comment. 


 Miscellaneous Fee: Adhoc fees charged by your centre (e.g. excursions) which will include a comment.


 Xplor Fees: Miscellaneous Xplor platform fees, usually for payment transaction fees.


Other Fees: Any fees not covered by above. (Will be accompanied by a comment.)


Credits (Payments):

These transactions (which may include payments, childcare subsidy, and discounts) are marked in teal and reduce your amount due. 


 Daily Child Care Subsidy: Amounts credited to your account daily based on the CCS you are predicted to receive on your closed statement. 


 Payments (1): Payments made by cash, EFTPOS or bank transfer (i.e. outside of a payment gateway)


 Payments (2): Direct debits taken by XPay will appear with a transaction number and amount once they clear to the centre.


 Balance Adjustments: A decrease to your amount due that was generated by your centre. May include a comment.


 Pay Now Payments: Amounts paid by you via a adhoc Pay Now payment.


 Discounts: Discounts to your childcare fees given by the centre. 


Pending/Scheduled Transactions

Transactions in the Pending or Scheduled tab of the Account Summary are marked in grey and will not affect your amount due until they are cleared and move into the Transactions tab, where they will then show as a payment (credit) and thus lower your amount due.


 Pending Pay Now Transaction: A Pay Now transaction that is yet to be cleared by our payment gateway. 


 Scheduled Direct Debit: An upcoming scheduled bank or credit card payment for the current billing period.