Pay Now Payments

As of 15 January 2021, parents can make adhoc payments (also called “Pay Now” payments) via the Home app. Please note that only primary carers can make Pay Now payments and Pay Now is only offered for XPay by Debitsuccess.

You can make a Pay Now payment if you either a) have an amount owing, or b) are in credit (subject to a credit limit of $2000).  


There are two ways you can access the Pay Now feature:

  • From the finance screen (figure A) you can tap the "Pay Now" menu button, which will navigate you to the Account Summary screen and automatically display the Pay Now popover (figure C). In this popover, you can choose an amount to pay.
  • Alternatively, from the finance screen (figure A), you can tap the orange card to go to the Account Summary screen (figure B), then tap "Pay" in the bottom righthand corner to access the Pay Now popover (figure C). 

Once you have entered an amount and tapped the send button, you will be taken to the payment portal. The steps are outlined below:


  1. Enter your card payment details into the secure form and confirm the amount is correct.
  2. Review your payment details.
  3. Submit your payment.
  4. All done!

Note: Once a payment is submitted, it will show in the Pending section of your Account Summary and may take up to 30 minutes to be confirmed.