Release Notes: 27th November 2020

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Note: The features we're announcing today will be available to services from the 4th of December, and be released prior to 5pm AEDT on that date.

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Add Payment Details

For services using Xpay by Debit Success, Service Admins are now able to add payment details on behalf of a parent. Navigate to a parent profile for any primary carer and you will be able to access a new tab labelled “Xpay Account".


The form will be pre-filled with any details that are on the Parent profile. However, you can add additional information if it’s missing. From there, you’ll be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you’ve agreed, you’ll be redirected to a secure page to save the parent payment details.


These may be a Credit Card or a Bank Account, which you can select from the options at the top of the form. After adding the parent’s card or account number, press “Add Details”.

When the details have been submitted, you will be able to see the saved details in place of the original form. To change or update those saved details, click the “change” button.


Playground App 2.7.4

On Friday, the 4th of December, we are releasing a new version of Playground App. It contains bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • We've fixed a bug preventing draft Incident Records from displaying correctly

  • We've fixed a bug showing duplicate items when searching food items during nutrition event creation

  • We've fixed a bug that prevented notes from showing up for some users

  • We've fixed a bug that prevented the "offered but not eaten" toggle from appearing when creating a photo nutrition event

  • We've fixed a bug showing some dashboard tiles for features that were disabled by service admins via Office

  • We've fixed a bug preventing educators from viewing incident record events from the child timeline for some users.

Rostering: Aurion Export

We've fixed a bug when exporting rosters to Aurion showed inconsistencies in break times. Break times will now match, when comparing the Aurion Export and Office Roster.