Release Notes: 20th November 2020

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Home App 1.3.0

Learning Documents

Learning documents can now be viewed from the learning timeline in the Home app! Now, when educators publish documents on Playground Web and tag a child, that child's parent will be notified on the Home app where they can view or comment on the document. You'll find more on this feature here.


  • Parents can now choose between downloading a single image or all images attached to an observation.
  • Parents are periodically reminded that when downloading observations, the images are not to be shared publicly on social media as per the Xplor EULA.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from posting photo nutrition events.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from attaching a note to toileting events.

Banking Summary Report

In response to a series of customer interviews and feedback, we have prioritised a number of additions and enhancements to our suite of reports.

This release includes a new Banking Summary Report, for services who wish to record and reconcile payments they have received and report on them.


You can read more about the Banking Summary report here

Child Attendance Tab

The tab outlining all attendance events on the child profile now has a new look and feel. In the event that a child has been signed in and out multiple times in a day, or had their attendance updated, corrected or removed, you can now see a full history of each attendance.

This will become particularly important for managing the attendance of children where they are signed in and out multiple times across a session.


You can find out everything about the Child Attendance tab here.

Educator Welcome Email

We have updated the design of the educator welcome email to come more in line with our other communications. This will make bringing new educators on board your services more simple, with easier to follow instructions.