Home App: Health - Parent Health Events

Parent Health Events


You can now create health events for their child on the Home app which can be viewed by educators on days the child is booked into care. To create events, parents can navigate to the Health tab in the Home app, select an event type (sleep, nutrition, etc) and tap "+New" in the top right of the screen to start creating! The following event types are currently available:

  • Toileting: Make toilet training a breeze at home as well as in-care by recording nappy and toileting events. How to log a toileting event.
  • Nutrition: Ensure your child’s food and drink consumption is tracked and communicated to educators by creating nutrition events. Here's how to do that
  • Medication: Record and communicate the time medication was last given to your child by created medication events. How to add medical events. 
  • Sleep: Track the length and quality of your child’s sleep by creating sleep events. Sleep event tracking how-to.

24 Hour Health Timeline: You can now view health events on a 24-hour timeline. Give it a try by rotating your phone into landscape mode on the Health screen.

 Check out the new section in the Xplor Home help centre.