Playground App: Health - Editable Event Times

With the release of Playground 2.7.0, educators can add custom event times to toilet/nappy, sleep, sunscreen, and nutrition events when creating the events. The ability to do so can be disabled or enabled by service/provider admins via a setting in Office.  


How to Enable or Disable Editable Health Events (Service Admins)

  1. Login to Office and navigate to your service's settings by clicking Settings→Service Settings on the left navigation menu.
  2. Navigate to the "App Settings" tab.
  3. Find the Allow Editable Health Event Times under the Playground App Settings section. 
  4. To enable the feature, select the "Yes" option. To disable the feature, select the "No" option. 
  5. Settings changes can take up to 4 hours to be reflected on Playground App. If you want the feature to be enabled/disabled instantly, you must log out and back into your service by tapping your service's name on the Playground App dashboard screen. 

Adding a Custom Time on Sleep, Toileting, Sunscreen, and Nutrition Events:

  1. Tap the icons8-heart-30.png icon in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap the icon pertaining to the section you'd like to create the event for (e.g. sleep, nutrition, etc) from the top menu bar.
  3. Tap the icons8-plus-50.png icon next to a child.
  4. Select the time of the event and type of event, then save. Note: the app will only allow you to add a time that occurs after the child has been signed-in.


How Edited Times Appear on Home App

Parents will be notified that the event occurred at the time the educator sets, but will also be able to see what time the event was created/logged. We call this the Display Time and Logged Time, respectively. For the example shown below, Shelly created the Soiled Clothes event at 4:15pm, but set the Display Time to 4:00pm (shown underneath the event title). The Display Time will be the time reflected on the Health graph, but if the parent taps the event, they can also see the Logged Time (shown on the bottom of the screen).