Release Notes: 25th September 2020

We have an exciting release to share with our services.

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Notification Enhancements

This week, for Office, we have included filtering options for Notifications. You can filter the notifications by type and by period including day, week and month.


The order of notifications will now show the most recent notification to the oldest. The most recently actioned request will show up first in the list.

We’ve also included an Archive button. Filtering down to a specific notification type will allow you to archive it.


You can use the Archive button to clear notifications that are older and no longer require your action. For example, a range of extra day requests that have passed which you would like to clear from your list. Make sure to action all of the notifications you'd like to respond to directly before archiving, as once a bulk archive is complete, the archived notifications will no longer be available to you.


Master Roll Enhancements

We’ve added two new filtering options on the Master Roll. You can now filter the roll by Dietary Restriction and Allergy.


Simply select the dietary restriction or allergy you wish to view, or select all to see any child with a dietary restriction or allergy.

These filters work alongside all others on the Master Roll, allowing you to view them at the level of child name, room, attendance type and age as well.


Attendance Event Notes in Master Roll

Notes that are added to attendance events created in Playground App (sign-in, sign-out, and absences) by educators now show in the Master Roll single booking view.