8. Home App & Web

This section will walk you through the parent experience using Home Web and Home App.

We advise you set up a demo child and parent account so that you can trial and test the same actions in Home App and Web and learn how to best support your families should they have queries.

We also recommend sharing this section directly with your families to help support them through their learning journey with using Home App and Web at your centre.

This section is best completed within two weeks of going live with Office. 

By the end of this section you should be able to complete the following processes confidently in Home App and Web:

  • Set up or link your Xplor Account
  • Download Home App
  • Login to Home App and/or Home Web
  • Locate and sign your CWA in Xplor and MyGov
  • Add your bank details and make a PayNow payment 
  • View your statement
  • Create a Moment and/or view Observations
  • Access Parent Content
  • View and log health events
  • Sign your child in/out of a care session
  • Add a Contact
  • Create a booking
  • Notify your centre of an absence/late arrival

For further assistance, you can click on any of the video titles which will take you to the relevant section in our Home knowledge base, which will detail the steps taken alongside images of the process.

Welcome Email

Home Web Overview

Signing your CWA

Home App Overview

Account in Home App

Learning in Home App

Health Events in Home App

Sign In/Out in Home App

Adding a Contact

Bookings in Home App