Playground App: Health - Incident Records

Creating Incident Records

  1. Log into a room with your educator credentials
  2. Navigate to the Health tab (bottom of the screen)

  3. Navigate to the Medical Events tab within the Health screen using the medical icon at the top of the Health screen

  4. Tap a signed-in child
  5. Tap "New Incident Record"

  6. Proceed with the creation of the incident record

Viewing Incident Records

Now it is easy to find all of the created and in-draft incident records within your centre. From the Playground App Dashboard, follow the steps below to use the new incident records summary functionality:

  1. Tap the Incident Records tile on the Dashboard screen

  2. Sign in with your educator login (this cannot be skipped)

  3. You should now be able to see Unsigned, In-Draft, and Completed incident records. Tap a tab at the top to filter between these statuses.

  4. If you’re looking for a specific child, search their name by tapping the magnifying glass.

  5. You can also filter by date by tapping the calendar icon at the top right.

  6. If you need to contact a parent/guardian of the child involved in the incident, you can do so easily by tapping the phone icon on the right side of each row.

  7. Tap any incident record to open it.


Printing Incident Records

If you'd like to print incident records, Playground Web is the place to do it:

  1. Log in to Playground Web (

  2. Click Reports

  3. Select the Incidents tab

The table shows the following summary data:

  • Incident date

  • Child that the incident was lodged against

  • Room the incident was reported in

  • Educator that reported the incident

  • Status of the incident record (unsigned, signed)

You can set a start and end date to filter the records on, then individually download/print incident records that are within that date criteria by clicking the download button on the right side of each row.