Playground App: Head Counts

Head Count allows customers to conduct head counts throughout the day and report against what has been done.

Conducting a Head Count

  1. From the dashboard, find the "Head Count" tile and tap it.

  2. Tap a child's name to view more information about the child, including Parents, Guardian & Emergency Contacts.

  3. Click on the Rooms filter on the right to filter children by room.

  4. Select Educator to Sign in

  5. Toggle each child as they are counted

    • If the child you count is not signed in you will be prompted to sign in the child in order to count them. 

Offline Mode

Head Count will allow you to complete a head count while offline with the following caveats:

  1. Child attendance status is unavailable

  2. You will be unable to submit the head count until you are back online.

Handy Hints

If you switch rooms during a head count you will be asked if you want to keep doing your current head count or start a new one.


You can kick off a head count from the Attendance Screen. Just click on the room you need and click on the head count button:


Playground Web: Head Count Reports

The Reports page shows a summary of any Head Counts from the Playground App. To access the Head Count reports:

  1. Log in to Playground Web (;

  2. Click Reports;

  3. Select Head Count;

  4. Choose a date range you'd like to generate the report for;

  5. Download Report.

You can alternatively download a collated report for the entirety of your chosen dates by selecting dates then clicking the “Download All” button.


The table & report shows:

  • Date of Head Count;

  • Time of Head Count;

  • Educator name that created the Head Count;

  • Rooms the Head Count included;

  • Child Name (in report only)

  • Counted Status (in report only)