Playground App: Attendance & Absence Notes

Attendance and absence notes allow educators to record notes on attendance and absence events they create in Playground App, which can then be viewed in Office.


Recording Notes on Attendance & Absent Events

  1. Tap into your room of choice and log in with your educator credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Attendance tab.

  3. Tap a booked-in child to show the attendance event popup and select sign-in or absence event.

  4. Enter your note in the text field below the “sign-in” and “mark absent” selection.

  5. Tap save.

You can also leave a note on the sign-out event of signed-in children using the same procedure as above.



Viewing Notes on Attendance & Absent Events on the Playground App

  1. Tap into your room of choice and log in with your educator credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Attendance tab.

  3. Tap a child within the “Signed In” or “Booked In” list. (Children in the “Others” list will not have any attendance or absent events logged.)

  4. Within the child’s profile, you can see any attendance or absent events with notes lodged against them as signified by a comment icon next to the event. Tap the event to open the note view.


Viewing Notes on Attendance & Absent Events in Office

On Single Bookings

You can view attendance event notes on attendances and absences by clicking on them in the master roll. You can easily see which bookings have notes recorded against them by looking for the pen & paper icon in the top right.


Then it's as simple as clicking the booking and viewing the note in the popup. You can see an example of a note and where it appears on the popup below.


The same process applies for Absence Notes:


In the Audit Log

Attendance event notes can also be found in the audit log of the Master Roll. Here’s how to see the notes from educators in the audit log:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll and click the green settings cog on the far right.

  2. You should now be able to see all bookings, absence, and attendance event history at your centre. To make it easy to find notes on attendance or absent events, simply enter “note” (without quotes) in the audit log search field.

  3. Now you should only see events attendance and absent events that have notes attached to them. You can click an entry in the list of results to open the popup and view the note.


Note: the system generates two audit log events when a note is added to a sign-out event (called a “checkout event” in the audit log). We recommend clicking the event that includes the child’s name in the event title as it has the most information about the sign-out event. (E.g. “–EducatorName– set sign out for –ChildName–”.)



Educator-marked absences also appear in the Notifications panel in Office. You can view notes attached to these events by clicking on the absent notification. Here’s how it works:

  1. From any screen in Office, click the notification bell at the top right of the screen.

  2. Look for rows that include the green Playground icon as these are absences as marked by Educators from the Playground App.

  3. Click a Playground absence to open the detail popup.

  4. If there is a note attached to it, you’ll see the note as bottom line of text before the buttons next to the chat bubble icon. In the example below, the note is “Mary called and advised Hannah was sick today”.