The Occupancy Utilisation Report

The Occupancy Utilisation report allows a user to report on the occupancy of a service and is useful when forecasting attendances and utilisation into the future. The report can be run against multiple services for periods of up to 10 weeks.

The report details the following:

  • Occupancy Percentages

    • By Centre

    • By Room

    • Per Day/Week

  • Centre Booking Count;

  • Room Booking Count.

The report can be filtered by Service, Room (for single service report only) and Date. When running for multiple services, the report has a 10 week limit from the start date.

Excel Version:


CSV Version:


How to Run an Occupancy Utilisation Report:

The report is in XLS format when running for a single service. Take the following steps to do this:

  1. Log into Office;
  2. Click on the Reports drop down;
  3. Select Attendance Report;
  4. Click on Occupancy Utilisation;
  5. Select a Service, Rooms, From Date and To Date;
  6. Click Generate report.


How to Run an Occupancy Utilisation Report for Multiple Services:

The report is in CSV format when running for multiple services

On the reports screen, you'll see the option to select multiple services at once. The report generated will be emailed to the user’s email address.