Office: Photo Permissions

Contact Xplor Support by phone, email or chat if your service doesn't currently have access to this feature and you wish to it enable it. 

Setting the photo/video opt-in or opt-out for a child

The photo permission is set by the Parent or Guardian when they submit their enrolment form. However you can update this setting in the Child Profile page:


Please note: If a parent has chosen to opt-out their child from photos/videos via a service's Xplor enrolment form, this choice will be reflected in the child's profile and shown to educators in Playground Web & App. For all other child profiles (e.g. ones created via migration or via direct admin creation), this update will enable the centre to flag a child as opting-out according to their families' preferences, and that choice will be shown to educators in Playground Web & App as well. Depending on how your service’s child profiles have been created, you may need to update the photo/video opt-out checkbox in the child profiles accordingly.