Playground App: Mark Absent

Contact Xplor Support by phone, email or chat if your service doesn't currently have access to this feature and you wish to enable it. 

Log in to the Playground App

  1. Open the Playground app and tap a room.

  2. Log in using your username and password. Alternatively, if you have logged in before you can use your 4 digit pin. 

Mark Absent

Tap on the “+” next to a booked in child

Select Mark Absent, and click save

The child will now show as absent


When an educator marks a child as absent the following notifications are sent:


The bell in the top right corner of the page indicates how many notifications are awaiting action. When a new absence is recorded in Playground, the following icon appears:Screen_Shot_2020-07-17_at_11.37.37_am.png

When you click on this notification you can read later or mark it as read.


When a child is marked absent by the educator, a notification is sent to the parent via the Home app:


When a parent clicks on the notification, more information is displayed: