COVID-19: Important Information for Victorian Services

On Tuesday, 7 July, the Australian Federal Government made an announcement that impacts services located in areas subject to Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions, including metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you're a service operating in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire, you will be permitted to waive parent gap fees, if children are not attending child care for COVID-related reasons, from Monday, 13 July.

What Do You Need To Do?

If you wish to waive parent gap fees, and are entitled to do so:

  1. Locate the Gap Fee report, from the banner at the top of the Office Dashboard;
  2. Run the report to help determine which children are eligible for waived gap fees;
  3. Go to Financial Adjustments by accessing Financial > Financial Adjustments;
  4. Select the appropriate parent account to apply the financial adjustment credit;
  5. Apply a credit for the gap amount as required. It's a good idea to add a description for both the service and the parent (Note: descriptions appear on parent statements).

You can find additional information about this announcement here