COVID-19: Important Information for Services

We have released the Bulk Gap Fee Adjustment Feature on the 3rd of September, 2021. Please see this guide for further information.

During COVID-19, there may be periods of time during which your child care service is located in a local emergency area (LEA). You may, as a result, be permitted to waive parent gap fees if children are not attending child care for COVID-related reasons.

What Do You Need To Do?

If you wish to waive parent GAP fees and are entitled to do so:

  1. Log into Office, and mark the child as Absent. Click into the CCS reason drop-down menu and select Local Emergency (select from one of the three options) then press "update". It will be marked as an Additional Absence and not go towards the 42 allowable absences per financial year for the child. You can find more information on bulk editing sessions on the Master Roll HERE. Screen_Shot_2021-08-25_at_2.28.06_pm.png
  2. Then click on this link to access the GAP Fee report, or head to Reports > Financial Reports > Parent Gap Fee;
    Please note: The report will only reflect the GAP once the CCS for the relevant week has been paid. Screen_Shot_2021-07-19_at_12.08.46_pm.png
  3. Run the report to help determine which children are eligible for waived gap fees. Please note: If the "Weekly CCS Actual" column is blank for all children, the CCS has not been paid to your centre yet. Screen_Shot_2021-08-23_at_9.44.15_am.png
  4. Go to Financial Adjustments by accessing Financial > Financial Adjustments;
  5. Select the appropriate parent account to apply the financial adjustment credit;
  6. Apply a credit for the gap amount as required. We recommend selecting the Monday date as the start date. For example, the week of 09/08/21 - 15/08/21 create the financial adjustment with a start date of 09/08/21 so that the CCS payment and the Gap Fee Waiver financial adjustment are listed on the statement together. It's a good idea to add a description for both the service and the parent  (Note: descriptions appear on parent statements and financial adjustments can take up to 5 minutes to display and update on the account).Screen_Shot_2021-08-23_at_9.59.22_am.png


What do I do if a child is not absent the entire week, but attends one or two days? 

1. Generate the Session Subsidy Statement to find out how much CCS has been paid for an individual session, then remove this from the total Gap amount before creating the financial adjustment. Head to Financial > Parent Accounts > Search for the Family > Select the blue Statement button > click "Download Session Subsidy Statement"


2. Once downloaded, look for the Gap column on the right-hand side of the statement. This will show you how much the Gap Fee is for each individual session. 

Please note: the Session Subsidy Report will only reflect the GAP once the CCS for the relevant week has been paid.