Playground Web: Tables



In Playground Web, you can present children's learning journeys via Tables

To access Tables, click on 'Tables' in the left-hand menu.

To create your Table:

  1. Click 'New Table' and select a Blank Table or one of our three default layouts (Monthly Plan, Quality Improvements, Weekly Plan)
  2. Select 'Content' and drag and drop either the 'Collage' 'Image' 'File' or 'Video' box onto a blank table.
  3. Select 'Children' to drag and drop a Child onto the Table so they are tagged within the Table.
  4. Select 'Documents' to drag and drop a previously created observation or documentation onto the table.
  5. Select 'Outcomes' to drag and drop any Learning outcomes onto the table.
  6. Click 'Save' at the top of the page to cement changes.
  7. Select 'Publish' to share the document with users at your service.

Publishing a Table
When you select 'Publish' the Table will be shared with parents whose children are tagged in the Table. Parents will be unable to view any content you have added, such as observations, that their child is not tagged in. A published table can be adjusted at any time via the 'Edit' function to add more children if need be. 

Handy Tips:

  • You can duplicate a Table created by any Educator by clicking the three dots on right-hand side and selecting "Duplicate."


  • If you wish to add another Row or Column right click on the table then you will have further options to adjust the tables, you can also click the '+' on the outside of a table to add more columns or rows



  • You can save the Table as a draft to complete it later.


  • You can colour individual table cells by clicking on the canvas icon


  • You can resize the table by clicking on the sides of the cells