Debitsuccess: Payment Setup Process

If you’re signing up to Debitsuccess, or moving your payment gateway from another provider to Debitsuccess, there are a few steps in the process that before your system is set up to receive online payments. 

This article takes you through each step, outlining the anticipated timeframes, and requirements to be met, before you can move on to the next step. 

Step One: DocuSign - Debitsuccess Management Agreement (Client)

The first step in the process is to complete the Management Agreement. This is sent to the business owner, and CC’d to the directors/administration staff. 

The Payments Onboarding Team will try to pre-fill as many of the required fields as possible, but it can also be edited by the recipients, if any details are missing or incorrect. 

DocuSign has an automatic follow up process, but keep in mind that, as this is only the first step in the process, the longer it takes to complete and sign the document, the longer it will take to set up the integration.

Estimated time: 1 day - 60 days, depending on client

Step Two: Credit Check and Know Your Customer (KYC) Check (Onboarding Payments Team)

Once the Management Agreement is successfully completed and signed, the payments team can move forward with the standard credit check process. Approval is based on the credit history of the business. 

After the credit check, the payments team complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) check. This evaluates the risk involved with opening an account with Debitsuccess. 

These two documents, and the Management Agreement ,are then forwarded to our compliance team to generate a Cloudcheck URL. 

Time involved: < 2 hours

Step Three: Cloudcheck Generated (Onboarding Payments Team)

After Compliance have received the required documentation and have approved the creation of the account, they will send through a Cloudcheck URL. This URL lasts five days, and must be completed in order for Debitsuccess to release funds to your account.

Your onboarding payments specialist will forward through a link to every business owner listed on the management agreement (that owns 25% or more of the business). 

For NFPs, the President or CFO will need to complete the Cloudcheck.

For OSHC managed by schools it is uncommon for the head of finance to complete a Cloudcheck.

Time involved: 24 hours turnaround, once sent to Compliance

Step Four: Cloudcheck Completion (Client)

The last step for the business owner(s) or President to complete takes only five minutes and can be completed on mobile or desktop. Instructions will be provided with the uniquely generated URL, which is linked to the owner’s email address. 

People completing the Cloudcheck have five days before the link expires and a new link will have to be generated. We encourage you to complete the Cloudcheck as soon as you get the URL. 

This check is required by Australian Law for all financial institutions. Payment will be withheld until this is complete.

Time involved: 5 minutes. Five day expiry on URL
24 hour turnaround on notification of completion

Step Five: Account Set Up (Onboarding Payments Team)

Once our compliance team have notified the Onboarding Payments Team of a pass result for the Cloudcheck, they can start setting the account up in the Debitsuccess system. This involves entering all the data from the Management Agreement. 

It is then checked by another team member and signed off as complete.

Time involved: 30 minutes

Step Six: API Credentials (Onboarding Payments Team)

Once the account is successfully created, the Onboarding Payments Team request API Credentials from the Debitsuccess developers. 

Once those credentials are received, they are entered into your Office system and the integration is complete.

Time involved: 24 hour turnaround from request. < 30 minutes once received to complete integration

Additional Notes

Moving from QK4 

If your service is moving from QK4 into Office, it is unlikely that you will need to sign a new Management Agreement or complete a Cloudcheck. However, the Onboarding Payments team also need to link up all existing parents that have been migrated across.

Time involved: 1 day

Sub Merchant Agreement

The sub merchant agreement is required by Visa/Mastercard to evaluate risk involved if you’re charging parents in advance. A walkthrough on how to complete this section of the Management Agreement can be found here. If you don’t bill in advance, answer “No” and then enter “N/A” in all other fields.