Add Payments

'Add Payments' is used to add a range of payments on to parent accounts. This tool should only be  used if a parent has already made a payment to your service using a method other than direct debit (eg. cash, EFTPOS, direct deposit).



How to add a payment to an account
  1. Go into Financial -> Add Payments
  2. Select a Parent
  3. From here you can select a Payment or a RefundScreen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.52.40_pm.png
  4. Once selected you can choose from a range of payment methods:Screen_Shot_2020-06-18_at_1.53.45_pm.png
  5. Add a comment to describe the payment.
  6. Enter the Amount you wish to apply onto the account statement (It will default to the amount owing for the family)

  7. Click Add Payment!

The payment will then apply onto the account statement as such: