Xplor ID on Home App

Xplor ID allows you to merge multiple Xplor profiles and use our products with a single set of credentials. With our new Home app releases, you can now use Xplor ID to manage your profiles across any number of centres.

If you’ve already set up an Xplor ID by merging profiles, skip to step 15. Otherwise, start with “Setting Up Xplor ID”.

Setting up Xplor ID 

If you have more than one Xplor profile across centres, then you’ll love Xplor ID. Follow the steps below to set your Xplor ID up and begin using one log in for all Xplor products. 

1. On your phone, open https://login.myxplor.com in your favourite web browser. Login to any of your existing Xplor profiles. 


2. Once successfully logged in, you will see the screen below. Tap "Merge profiles", then go directly to step 4, below.


3. If you've accidentally tapped "Skip for now", press the back button and tap “Merge profiles”.

4 Select "Merge profiles & create Xplor ID"


5. Enter in your preferred Xplor ID email address. This is the only email address you will use to log in from now on. It can be the same as one of the email addresses you’ve already used.


6. Check your inbox. You should have received an email with a code. This could also be hiding in your junk or spam folders, so check these, too, if it's not in your inbox!


7. Create a password and tap Next. This can be the same as the one used previously.


8. On this screen you will find your new Xplor ID email near the top, with your now-merged profile in the middle of the screen.


9. Click on the orange "+ Merge Profile" button to begin merging your second account into your Xplor ID.


10. Once logged in, you should see your other profile appear. Click "Confirm merge".


11. Once confirmed, you will see a summary of your accounts appear in the screen below. Select "Finish" at the bottom of the screen once complete.


12. Enter in your preferred mobile number (your primary contact phone number). then tap “Next”.


13. Create a four digit access code that you can remember. You’ll use this code in combination with your phone number when signing your child in and out on the Hub. Then, tap "Next".


14. Your profiles have now been merged together. You will see your credentials on the final page. This is all you will need to use going forward! 


Using an existing Xplor ID on Home App

If you’ve completed the steps above, or have already set up your Xplor ID using this previously released guide, then follow the steps below to log out of the Home App, then log back in with your Xplor ID email and password.

15. Open the app and navigate to the Account tab, then tap the settings menu button.


16.Tap Log Out.


17. Log in with your already setup Xplor ID and password combination. (Note: Make sure you use your password and not your Hub access code.)


18. Select the Xplor profile/centre you’d like to start using.


19. Tap the oval in the top right of your screen to bring up the child/centre selector.


20. You can use this switcher button on multiple screens in the app - give it a try on Learning, Health, Bookings, Finance, and more!