Playground Web: Printing of Multiple Pages

The following processes can be used if you'd like to print from Playground Web over multiple pages.

Printing Using Adobe Acrobat

1. Navigate to a Canvas and Press ‘Print’ to view the Print Preview screen.


2. Ensure you have the entire canvas within the grey dotted lines by using the zoom in/out buttons. Select ‘A2’ as the size to print. Press the ‘Print’ button in the top right hand corner when you're ready. 


3. Save as PDF using Google Chrome and Press ‘Print’.


4. Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this installed, download it from the following link:


5. Press the ‘Print’ button in the top left. 


6. Press the ‘Poster’ button under Page Sizing & Handling. Configure the tile scale as desired. This will automatically split the canvas across multiple pages, depending on how large the canvas is. Press ‘Print’ when you are ready. You may need to adjust your printer settings to select the correct paper size.


An Alternative Way to Print without Adobe Acrobat

1. Navigate to a canvas and Press ‘Print’ to view the Print Preview screen. Using the grey dotted border, select the half of the canvas you wish to print using A4 paper. Press ‘Print when you are ready.Screen_Shot_2020-05-11_at_4.17.50_pm.png2. Click and drag the grey dotted line to cover the other half of the canvas. Press Print when you are ready.


3. After printing, tape or stick the A4 paper together in order to reconstruct the entire canvas.