Playground Web: Printing Save as PDF

While you can print all Playground documents straight to the printer, you may also want to save these as PDF files to share with others or for record keeping. 

Before following these instructions, please ensure you are using Playground Canvas with Google Chrome. You can install Chrome from the following link:


1. Visit either the Observations, Documentation or Canvas tab. 


2. Press on an Observation, Documentation or Canvas you wish to print. Click on the ‘Print’ button in the top right hand corner of the pop-up. 

Screen_Shot_2020-05-11_at_3.57.08_pm.png3. Ensure you have the correct paper size selected. Toggle if you want to also print a separate list of all tagged children, outcomes and reflections. When you are ready, press the ‘Print’ button in the top right corner. 


4. Select the drop-down under ‘Destination’ and select the ‘Save as PDF’ option. Press ‘Print’ when you are ready.


5. The observation, Document or Canvas will now save on your computer as a PDF file. A PDF file can be opened using Google Chrome or Adobe Acrobat Reader.