New Parent/Guardian Set Up


Welcome Home!

It is great to have you on board the rocket. This article will walk new parent/guardian users to set up their accounts for the first time, step by step.

As a parent/guardian, you have access to up to three of our platforms: 

1. The Home App 
2. Home Web
3. The Hub

Note: This process is initiated by the childcare service, which will generate a welcome email to your preferred email address. The steps below take you through how to accept the invite and get your parent, or guardian, profile set up. 



1. Create your password

Create a password from the welcome email that was sent to you by your service. The email should look like the screenshot below and is valid to be used for 7 days. You will first need to receive the welcome email before you can set your password.

Note: Check your junk mail folder. If you have not yet received an email, please contact your centre administrator.

2. Set up your Xplor ID and Access Code

After you have set up your password, you have the OPTION of creating an Xplor ID and Access Code.  

The Xplor ID and access code is used to login to the Hub when you sign your child into the centre as an alternative to scanning the QR Code with the Home App.

For a more efficient and contact-free process when signing your child in our out using the Hub, use your Home App to scan the QR code on the HUB at your centre. The Xplor ID and Access Code can be used as a back up. 

It is best that you set up an Xplor ID and Access Code if you have multiple Xplor profiles (parent profile and educator profile) that you would like to merge into one account

To set up your access code, please see steps below. 

  1.  Login to with the email and password you set up above.Screen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_2.47.28_pm.png
  2. Once successfully logged in, you will see the screen below. Select "Merge profiles", then go directly to step 4, below. This step is applicable to parents even if you are only have one Profile. 
  3. If you've accidentally clicked "Skip for now", log in to Click on your name on the top right corner, then select "Manage Xplor ID".
  4. Select "Merge profiles & create Xplor ID". 
  5. Enter in your preferred email address which will be your Xplor ID username.
  6. Check your inbox. You should have received an email with a code. This could also be hiding in your junk or spam folders, so check these, too, if it's not in your inbox!
  7. Create a password. This will be your Xplor ID password.
  8. You will find your existing profile that you logged into. Click on "+ Merge Profile" to merge your other account to your Xplor ID. Select "Finish" once complete. 
  9. Enter in your preferred mobile number (your primary contact phone number).
  10. Create an access code. Click "Next". The mobile number you enter in the previous step and the access code you create in this step is what you can use to login to the HUB. 
  11. All done! You will see your email and mobile number on the final page. 

3. Accessing Home Web

Home Web is where you can: 

  • View Observations, Documentation, Plans for your child
  • Save your payment information (Primary carer ONLY)
  • View your finances (Primary carer ONLY)
  • Sign your CWA
  1. Login to home.myxplor.comScreen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_2.47.28_pm.png
  2. Enter in the email address and password you have set up.

4. Accessing Home App

  1. Download the Home App mceclip0.png via the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Enter in the email address and password you have set up.

What now?


Click here for the Home app Starter Guide


5. Saving your payment details

Note: this step might not be relevant to all parent/guardians depending on whether your service is using a payment gateway. Please check with your service administrator if you are unsure.

Note: only the primary carer of the child will be able to save bank details. 

Screen_Shot_2021-02-25_at_3.17.49_pm.pngTo save your bank details, follow the steps below. 

  1. Login to home.myxplor.comScreen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_2.47.28_pm.png
  2. Click Finance > Auto Debit SetupScreen_Shot_2019-10-25_at_11.09.18_AM.png