New Parent/Guardian Set Up


Welcome Home!

This article shows new parent/guardian users how to set up their accounts for the first time, step by step.

As a parent/guardian, you have access to up to three of our platforms: 

1. Home App 
2. Home Web
3. The HUB

Note: This process is initiated by the childcare service, which will generate a welcome email to your preferred email address. The steps below take you through how to accept the invite and get your parent, or guardian, profile set up. 


1. Create Your Parent/Guardian Account

After you have completed the enrolment form for your centre, you will receive a confirmation email that looks like this:



Once the centre has finalised your information and made your child active, you will receive a Welcome email that looks like this:





Click the orange 'Create Account' button, it will take you to the below screen. As a new parent who has not created an account before, select 'Create Account.'




From here, create a password that is 8 characters in length and includes a capital letter, number and special character. Then press 'Next.'



Create a 4 digit Account Pin. This can be used to sign in with your mobile number which you will enter in the next step. Press 'Next.' 



Enter your mobile number. Press 'Next.' 



Press 'Finished.'

That's it! You have created your Xplor Account! You can now use the email address and password listed to log into the Home App or Home Web.

Once you select 'Finished' you will automatically be taken to your Home Account. 





You can download the Home App mceclip0.png via the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Accessing Home Web

Home Web is where you can: 

  • Save your payment information (Primary Carers Only)
  • View your finances (Primary Carers Only)
  • Sign your child's CWA to begin the Child Care Subsidy process
  • View Documentation, Canvases and Tables created by educators, for your child
  1. Login to home.myxplor.comScreen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_2.47.28_pm.png
  2. Enter the email address and password you have set up.



  3. You can navigate between the left-hand side menu options and select an area of your child's learning that you'd like to see more of. 
3. Accessing Home App
  1. Download the Home App mceclip0.png via the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the email address and password you have set up to log in.

What now?

Click here for the Home App Starter Guide.


4. Add Bank Details

Note: This step might not be relevant to all parent/guardians. This step depends on whether your service is using a payment gateway. Please check with your service administrator if you are unsure. Only the primary carer of the child will be able to add bank details to their profile. 

To update your payment details via Home Web, follow the steps below. 

  1. Login to home.myxplor.comScreen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_2.47.28_pm.png
  2. Click Finance > Auto Debit SetupScreen_Shot_2019-10-25_at_11.09.18_AM.png

To update your payment details via the Home App:

  1. Head to "Account" in the lower right-hand corner 
  2. Click "Finance" > Set Up Direct Debit.
  3. Follow the prompts to add your bank account or credit card details. 

You can find more information on how to add your payment details HERE.