Playground App: Live Learning



The live learning feature allows you to livestream from the Playground App to parents using the Home App.

  • Stream learning to parents who are using the latest Home App
  • Educators will be able to share a live video with parents and see a list of participants in the Playground App

Steps for Live Learning

Please note:

  • Live learning is only available for educators who have "Review Post" switched to "No". Click here for more information. 
  • Currently, only the front camera will work.
  • Ensure you update to the latest version of the Playground Application to gain access to Live Learning.
  • Parents will need the latest version of the Home Application to view live learning.
  1. Login to any of the rooms on the Playground App 
  2. Click on the "Learning" tab
  3. Click "+" then "Live Learning"
  4. Select children who you would like to invite into the learning.  You can select children from other rooms by selecting the arrow on the top right corner. Once you have selected at least one child, click on "Go Live". Parents will receive a notification for this.
  5. You are now live! Please note that only the front camera is available at the moment. Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_4.08.31_pm.png

Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_4.09.29_pm.png- Turn camera off/onn

Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_4.09.32_pm.png- Turn mic off/on

Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_4.09.41_pm.png - End the live streaming

Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_4.09.25_pm.png - View participants



Live Learning Training in Playground App and Home App