Xplor ID - Merging accounts together



Xplor ID allows one email and password (or phone and pin) for parents, educators and Hub Guests to log into our products. 

Users navigate through the simple flow with handy help instructions to merge together all of their parent, educator and Hub Guest profiles across any number of services and providers in our system to unify them under one set of shared credentials.

That means the next time that they visit the Hub, Home or Playground Web, users can simply log in with the same credentials and choose from their multiple roles.

Follow the steps below if you have more than one existing educator account, parent account or Hub Guest account and would like to merge these together.

Merging different accounts together for the first time

  1. Login to any of your existing accounts using https://login.myxplor.com/Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_2.44.24_pm.png
  2. Once successfully logged in, you will see the screen below. Select "Merge profiles", then go directly to step 4, below.
  3. If you've accidentally clicked "Skip for now", log in to either home.myxplor.com or playground.myxplor.com. Click on your name on the top right corner, then select "Manage Xplor ID".
  4. Select "Merge profiles & create Xplor ID"
  5. Enter in your preferred email address
  6. Check your inbox. You should have received an email with a code. This could also be hiding in your junk or spam folders, so check these, too, if it's not in your inbox!
  7. Create a password. This can be the same as the password you have used previously.
  8. You will find your existing profile that you logged into. Click on "+ Merge Profile" to merge your other account to your Xplor ID. 
  9. Once logged in, you should see your other profile appear. Click "Confirm merge".Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_3.02.40_pm.png
  10. Once confirmed, you will see a summary of your accounts appear in the screen below. Select "Finish" once complete. 
  11. Enter in your preferred mobile number (your primary contact phone number), then click "Next".Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_3.02.56_pm.png
  12. Create an access code. Click "Next".
  13. All done! Your profiles have now been merged together. You will see one set of your credentials on the final page. This is all you will need to use going forward!