What is Quickview?

Quickview is a way to search family account information from anywhere in Office.
Rather than navigating away from your current task, or opening a new tab to view the profile of a parent, clicking the eye icon at the top of your page will open a search bar.

Searching by parent or child name, you'll be able to select the relevant account to view information such as:

  • Guardian contact information
  • Child enrolment details
  • Allergies and/or Dietary Restrictions
  • Bookings
  • Financial information
  • Discounts
Navigating Quickview
After clicking the eye icon at the top right of your screen and searching for your child or parent/guardian, selecting their profile will give you a snapshot of their account.

The status bar at the top of the screen will allow you to navigate to the parent profile immediately if needed, or if circumstances require, selecting 'Send Message' will take you to the Comms Centre, where a new post, prefilled with the parent/guardian's contact details will be ready for you to edit. status_bar.png

Additionally, from Quickview, you will be able to navigate to key screens within Office:

From the Parent & Child Profiles tab

  • Parents & Guardian profiles
  • Child profiles

From the Bookings tab

  • Master Roll

From the Finance & Account tab

  • Parent Accounts
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Discounts Settings
  • Government Enrolments



Parent and Guardian Profiles
The Parent & Child Profiles tab will draw basic information such as CRNs, contact information, allergies and enrolment status.

From here, clicking on 'View Parent & Guardian Profile' or 'View Child Profile', will take you to a separate tab should you need to edit any information. 
The Bookings tab will display the current months' worth of bookings for the child, however if you wish to view a different month, clicking the arrow buttons will navigate you forwards or back as needed.

Clicking on any of these bookings will open the Master Roll to edit the session in a new tab.
Finance and Accounts

The Finance & Account tab is a great place to quickly check an outstanding balance, view a statement or review scheduled payments for a parent/guardian.

Any discounts that are currently active and the past four weeks of CCS will also be visible for each child linked to the primary carer.
From this screen, you will be able to open the following Office features in a separate tab: