Release Notes: 30th June 2022

We have some exciting updates to share with our services. You can add additional subscribers to our emailed release notes here.


This feature will be live on the 8th of July.

Parent Accounts Quick View

We've created an easy way for you to search and find a summary of your Parent Account information in Office. No matter what task you’re performing in Office, you can quickly search for account information such as Parent and Child details, Account Balance, Payment details, and Bookings. This means fewer clicks and all the information you need on the same screen!


The following features will be live on the 1st of July.

Additional Master Roll Filters and Health Icons

We’ve added two filters and child health icons to the Master Roll: Medical Conditions and Prescribed Medication. These new features will make it easier for you to navigate and identify children with medical conditions and/or children with prescribed medication.


Playground Web

Count of Observations Needing Review

We’ll now present the number of Observations that require review, so you and your Educators can better manage your Documentation tasks.


Monthly Wrap Ups

Our Monthly Wrap Up Webinar will be held on Thursday, 7th July, at 11 am AEST. We’ll be going through our new updates in our different products. You can book in using this link here.

Our June Product Monthly Wrap Up articles can be accessed in our web products by clicking the lightbulb at the top of the screen!